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Testimonials - Here are actual letters we have received from our clients...

Dear Paul:

Thank you for building such a magnificent home for us at Old Village Lane, North Topsail Beach.

Little did we realize when we were told by so many that "Paul Dorazio" is the best builder on the island" how much of an understatement that was. In my experience, you are the best builder not just on Topsail Island, but anywhere. We could not be more pleased. The quality of workmanship of all phases of the construction was outstanding. And what a wonderful surprise to find out how creative you are! You will recall the many conversations we had about countless ideas we had about the house - invariably your suggestions turned out to be the right things to do.

I want to also acknowledge the outstanding work or your trades men and women. Please pass onto them our sincere appreciation. They are true professionals who are obviously proud of their skill, and take great pride in what they do.

Lastly, Paul, I want you to know how much we appreciate your personal touch. Seeing you intimately involved in every facet of construction, I felt that you were building the house for yourself. It has been, for us, one of those rare experiences in which our expectations were greatly surpassed. I cannot tell you how many times that I told family & friends about the "gem of a builder" we have building our dream home on Topsail Island.

We wish you, Joan and the "Maebilt Crew" the very best. Needless to say, feel free to use us as a reference for future clients.

June & Ed

Dear Paul,

Just a note to try and put down into words our feelings on having now spent two months in our amazing new home.

First of all, we want to say that, although we heard many horror stories from other friends who have recently gone through the process of home building, we did NOT have even one horror story to report all year! I know for you, there must have been some tough days and situations, but we never had any! We felt that you were on top of everything. We loved the pictures you would email us of the progress made, the prompt return phone calls back when we called. We felt like you were always on our side, making decisions to benefit us and we had such a secure feeling about everything in this house - inside and out. I really know of no one else who can say that about their builder.

You were honest, sincere, compassionate, neat, on time and accepting of Scott's constant comments. You were even within budget (except when Betsy went over) You always did what you said you would. Your work crew was the same-every one of them. You taught us what quality home building is...and we are just plain GRATEFUL.

We are proud to own a Maebilt home and feel safe and secure in our investment. Words can not express our gratefulness. We feel we have gained a great friend in the process.

Paul, continue to do what you do - know that each day we thank God for you and your awesome talent for taking an empty lot and making it into a beautiful, safe home that will be enjoyed for years to come with our family.

Scott & Betsy

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing a brief letter to let you know that I had a wonderful experience with Paul at Maebilt Construction in regard to the construction of my beach house. Paul built a wonderful oceanfront house for us and did a great job in every aspect of the project.

He builds with a great deal of quality and treats each house he builds "like it was his own". He uses only the highest level of materials and the highest craftsmanship, even for his "standard homes".

We have been very well satisfied with all of his outstanding work. He has been a man of his word and has followed up on by issue that we thought was important. I hope that you will strongly consider Paul as your contractor. You will not be disappointed.

Sincerely J. Todd W. M.D.

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